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UK Bar Exam

Qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales

Passing the QLTS exam and becoming a solicitor in England & Wales adds valuable credentials to your C.V. or resumé.


If you’re a qualified lawyer, the QLTS offers you an excellent opportunity to advance your legal career and obtain the most prestigious title in the legal profession, an English solicitor, in just a few months. Asia Bar Review is here to help you!

QLTS Exam Stages

The QLTS Exam consists of two stages:

  • QLTS MCT – Multiple Choice Test
  • QLTS OSCE – Objective Structured Clinical Examination

Candidates must first pass the QLTS MCT before proceeding to the QLTS OSCE.


Offered in July and January each year

The QLTS MCT exam is a multiple choice test which consists of 180 multiple-choice questions. The assessment is divided into 2 sessions of 2 hours 45 minutes each, with 90 questions in each session.

Kaplan QLTS is the sole authorised exam assessment provider. The actual multiple choice exam is a computer-based assessment administered by PearsonVue. As the assessment provider, Kaplan QLTS is not authorised to provide QLTS preparation courses.


After passing QLTS MCT, you will then be eligible to apply and sit QLTS OSCE. The QLTS OSCE exam is offered in November and April / May each year.

Frequent Asked Questions

1. How Asia Bar Review can help?

Asia Bar Review partner with BARBRI to provide the QLTS Prep course to Asia.

  • FREE eligibility assessment
  • FREE study group
  • FREE deadline reminders, logistics, visa support

2. How much is the course fee?

The course price is 1850 GBP for the MCT. The course fee is currently 2400 GBP for OSCE.

3. How long are the courses?

We offer 3 month or 6 month online program tailored for working professionals for MCT prep course and 12 week course creating an iterative, highly effective QLTS Prep experience preparing you for the three practice areas and six skills examined on the OSCE portion of the QLTS exam.

4. Am I eligible to sit the QLTS?

Essentially, you need to be a lawyer qualified in an eligible jurisdiction in order to sit the QLTS. Here is a link to the list of eligible jurisdictions: Alternatively, you can email us at for free assessment.

5. How long is the MCT?

The full assessment consists of 180 multiple-choice questions divided between 2 sessions of 2 hours 45 minutes (165 minutes) each with 90 questions in each session.

You have an individual timetable because you are required by the SRA to answer questions on only certain elements of Part A of the Day One Outcomes. Candidates with exemptions are allowed the same amount of time per question as candidates sitting the full assessment.

You will be advised of the length of your assessment by email shortly after the Booking Deadline.

Finish times vary considerably because of the individual timetables. Generally, if your appointment length is:

  • Less than 3 hours 30 minutes (210 minutes) long your MCT consists of 1 session
  • More than 3 hours 30 minutes (210 minutes) your MCT is divided into 2 sessions and you will have a break of 60 minutes after the first 2 hours

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