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Our one week intensive Penn Law Summer program is taught by renowned faculty from Penn Law and Wharton on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. During this one-week certificate program, you will gain an understanding of the U.S. legal system, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory issues, negotiations, US corporate law and deals. This dynamic program will include small group and case study work.

What will set you apart

  • World-renowned faculty will help you unravel complex global cross-border transactions.
  • Top U. S. transactional attorneys will provide negotiation perspective to help you increase your client service.
  • Attorneys and senior executives from all over the world will be accessible so you can expand your professional network.
  • Through a blend of interactive lectures and hands-on experience, including workshops and site visits, you’ll increase your understanding of U.S. corporate law.
  • Identify and distinguish the legal and compliance risks for an organization or sector.
  • Ability to understand and appreciate the importance of Corporate Governance.

Course Structure

Our course will be taught by distinguished Penn law and Wharton Professors.

Day 1: Introduction to US legal system & Introduction to US Corporate Law

Day 2: Financial Regulations & Negotiations

Day 3: Corporate Finance & Deals

Day 4: Tax & Accounting, Compliance

Day 5: Role of General Counsel & Corporate Governance

Academic Director


Michael Knoll is the Theodore K. Warner Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, a Real Estate Professor at the Wharton School, and the Co-Director of the Center for Tax Law and Policy. He also served as the Associate Dean of the Law School from 2004-2006. Professor Knoll’s research areas include Tax Policy, Tax Planning, and the application of Finance to Law. He also teaches courses on Federal Income Taxation, Corporate Finance, Taxes and Business Strategy, and Deals.

Earn your Penn Law certificate

This certificate is awarded by the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Get recognized for your US legal knowledge when you earn an official Penn Law certificate – and use it to set yourself apart.

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Frequent Asked Questions

1. What does the tuition fee include?

The program fee for the U.S. Business Law Summer Certificate Program is $2,750 and includes all course materials. Transportation, housing and meals are not included in the program fee. However we will send our clients student rate housing after successful admission.

2. How does the admission process work?

Admission will be granted on a rolling basis, but we encourage everyone interested to apply as early as possible as there are a limited number of spots available in the program. Once admitted, a non-refundable $500 deposit will be required within two weeks of acceptance.

3. What are the benefits of enrolling in Penn Law Summer Program?

During this one-week certificate program, you will gain an understanding of how U.S. business works, starting with a short introduction to the U.S. legal system. You will also gain access to the global Penn community upon graduation.

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