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BARBRI course

Enrollees in the New York Bar BARBRI Review Course will receive:

  • Approximately 100 hours of lectures and workshops, conducted by BARBRI via video-tape.
  • The Conviser Mini Review (CMR) flow charts & exam tips (main study materials) which condenses the materials into outlines.The New York (NY) and Multistate (MS) Volumes are written by law professors. These outlines provide comprehensive coverage of the black-letter rules tested on all sections of the New York Bar Exam. FinePoints are provided for subjects most frequently tested on the New York essay section of the bar exam.
  • New York Distinctions Supplement.
  • Lecture Handouts that highlight the most frequently tested issues from past bar exams.
  • Comprehensive Testing: The New York Test (NYT) Volume is designed to give you significant experience with essay questions that are likely to appear on the Exam. The questions provided are either drafted by BARBRI's editorial staff or provided by the bar examiners
  • You may submit unlimited essay answers for grading by BARBRI's experienced staff
  • Exam-like MBE practice questions: The Multistate Testing (MPQ1, MPQ2 & MSE) Volumes expose you to the various types of questions likely to appear on the actual Multistate day of the New York Bar Exam. These volumes contain more than 2,000 questions including six levels of practice questions, released questions and several practice exams, all with detailed explanatory answers
  • The Multistate Performance Test (MPT)
  • The Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam Volume and Review Lecture.

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