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Why Asia Bar Review?

Asia Bar Review is by far the most qualified resource to assist you in advancing your career. We have exclusively licensed BARBRI to Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. BARBRI is the leader in US Bar preparation with over 45 years of experience and has helped more than one million US and non-US students to pass the US bar exam.

  • BARBRI is the US and world leading provider of post-qualification training for legal professionals. They train more Attorneys than anybody else. With over 45 years experience, they have helped in excess of 1.3 million US & Non-US students and professionals.
  • BARBRI Amp technology allows you to test yourself & your progress against your peers online.
  • Access to our growing Alumni network who are located around the globe.
  • Expert assistance with CV & LLM applications to top law firms and leading American law schools.
  • All students are welcome to attend programmes at one of our various US venues.
  • Should you miss a lecture you can access the course content through your BARBRI secure login website & the BARBRI Amp.
  • Course structure is designed so candidates can maintain full-time or part-time employment.
  • You can get qualified as a US attorney without going through traineeship.
  • We offer travelling, accomodations and visa advice to clients travelling to the United States for the bar exams

Global Opportunities

It is important to realize that those qualified as lawyers in New York or California Bar often use their qualification for practice outside the United States. Many New York qualified attorneys engage in transnational business and cross border transactions. Opportunities arise in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Geneva, Beijing, Shanghai, The Hague, Frankfurt, Dubai etc. Other opportunities exist for those qualified as attorneys in area such as management consultancy, financial services, international arbitration, international human rights, intellectual property, international trade divisions, compliance services, international aviation, international oil and gas, international tax and accounting services, cross border litigation and finance deals.

Our assistance doesn't end with the Bar exam

Asia Bar Review is determine to go beyond the bar exam. Although we are not a placement firm and never advertise as such, we endeavour to provide a legal careers advice and guidance for our Alumni. For more information on careers advice, please contact Ms. Doris Cheng at our Hong Kong office at (852) 3183-4181. We aim to provide legal career advice and facilitate introductions to appropriate contacts in US and Asia markets.

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